Discount Bridesmaid Dresses

Discount Bridesmaid Dresses Are Beautiful Too

You can cut back on the flowers, do your own catering, use your parents backyard or even bake your own cake, but thats not going to cut down on one of the highest costs of all the bridesmaid dresses! Finding a discount bridesmaid dress isnt as hard as you might think. Even with a minimal clothing allowance, everyone in your bridal party can look spectacular.

Budget a Bit Higher?

Rather than going to a designer or a wedding specialty store, take a trip to your closest Saks, Nordstroms, or Neiman Marcus. If having your bridesmaids dress in the latest fashion is not important to you, then visit department stores in late spring or fall for their discount sales.

Take time to search through the bargains, where you are sure to find discounted bridesmaid dresses that are perfect for your bridesmaids. Remember you dont have to have the most current design to have a beautiful discount bridesmaid dress.

A thrifty bride will find a great discount bridesmaid dress at both discount and high end retail stores. This approach takes patience, flexibility, and a team of shoppers. Gather your bridesmaids sizes and decide what is most important to you as far as style and color: short or long dress, something formal or semi-formal, sleeveless, corseted, chiffon, sexy or modern.

Once you make your decisions, copy the information plus the sizes onto a spreadsheet and distribute copies to the women in your wedding party, as well as grandma, mom, aunts, and any female friend with an eye for shopping. Make a party of it or a game.

Take a couple days, give your shoppers the directive to find the number of dresses you need at a discounted price, and to place them on a 24 hour hold. If everyone has a digital camera or a digital camera phone to share pictures of what they find, even better.

At the end of day, come together for dinner or appetizers, look at what everyone found. The next day, take your bridesmaids to each location where your discount dresses are being held. Enjoy a day of trying on, considering options, and ultimately selecting your discount bridesmaid dress.

Keep Even the Tightest Budget

While specialty stores thrive on wedding business and create beautiful custom bridesmaid dresses, it is important that your bridesmaids look elegant but not that you break the bank. Look through bridal magazines, web sites, and department store advertisements.

Consider the type of bridesmaid dress you are interested in – an A-line, two-piece, floral motif, casual or flowing. Then, armed with the bridesmaids dress sizes, visit retail stores such as Mervyns, J.C. Penney, or Supertarget. These stores will offer you a discount bridesmaid dress with appealing results. After all, no one is going to be looking at your bridal party, wondering where the dresses were purchased.

Another option is, if you are handy with a sewing machine, purchase a pattern and create a fabulous dress at a discounted price. High quality clothing is important for every day life, but how often will your bridesmaids will wear their dresses outside of the six hours of your wedding.

Keep these things in mind as you consider your budget and remember the wedding is first and foremost a celebration of your vows. It is easy to get caught up in the planning of the celebration and find yourself spending more money than necessary. With theses simple steps, you can have beautiful bridesmaid dresses at a bargain price.

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