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Tips for Finding Affordable Bridesmaid Dresses

Although your wedding should be an occasion for continuous joy and celebration, too often it is an opportunity for stress and frustration as well. Why? Because organizing a wedding can be complicated, time consuming, and downright expensive. You may think you know exactly how you want your wedding band to sound, how you want the table settings to appear, and how you expect your bridesmaids to look but when you start the actual planning, its rarely that easy.

One of the biggest sticking points can be finding appropriate, affordable bridesmaid dresses. The thing is, everyone in your wedding party will have an opinion about what style, fabric, and color will work the best. And when they all weigh in and share their ideas, we bet you will feel overwhelmed (and probably begin to fantasize about standing up alone in your ceremony!)

Here are two things you need to remember when you begin the hunt for the perfect bridesmaid attire:

▪ As the bride, it is your privilege to pick out what your wedding party will wear
▪ A bridesmaid dress can be attractive and affordable!

Traditionally, bridesmaids pay for their own dresses and accessories (and dont forget hair and makeup costs). Therefore, it makes sense to try to find the most affordable bridesmaid dresses possible, ones that will compliment your wedding theme and dcor, particularly your dress. There are many ways to find a affordable bridesmaid dresses. Consider the following options:

While it may be your dream to have everyone in your wedding party decked out in custom-made dresses, this is probably the most expensive option. Instead, begin looking for the right dresses early in the game so you wont feel rushed when you shop. The shopping should be an enjoyable outing for you and your friends. The good news is that many popular reasonably priced stores now offer gorgeous and affordable wedding lines, including an array of bridesmaid dresses.

While you are out and about with your girlfriends, dont overlook the stores that dont carry wedding attire. Lots of places have lovely dresses that are suitable for a wedding plus theres a good chance they wont break the bank.

If you find an affordable bridesmaid dress that you think will look smashing on everyone but youre worried that it is actually a bit dull, consider an inexpensive accessory. A tasteful scarf, hat, or an eye-catching pair of stockings might be just the thing to make a dress stand out in a crowd.

Even top-notch bridal stores have sales, sometimes they even have special sample sales or clearance blow-outs. Watch your local papers for listings or march right into a store and ask if they are planning any store-wide reductions. You can count on department stores to have regular mark downs are around holidays (Labor Day, Memorial Day, Presidents Day etc.) so plan your shopping accordingly.

In terms of boutiques and specialty shops, you may have to wait a longer time for a sale to roll around, but you should still ask.

There are a tremendous number of discount wedding stores online and they are definitely worth looking into. Many of these places offer deep discounts of 50% or more off the suggested retail price. However, an obvious drawback is the fact that your girlfriends have to order the dress before they can try it on. But if you are saving big bucks, that inconvenience is probably worth it.

Even though the final decision rests with you the bride, its important to consider the various tastes, figures, and financial constraints of your bridesmaids. A happy wedding party makes for a memorable, one-of-a-kind wedding that is, in a word, priceless.

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