Used Bridesmaid Dresses

Considering Used Bridesmaid Dresses To Save Money

Most of us plan our weddings on a budget, and we are always looking for ways to save a few dollars. Cutting corners on wedding costs can drastically reduce the overall price of your wedding, leaving more money in your bank account and more opportunity to actually enjoy a honeymoon. Considering used bridesmaid dresses is a great example of cutting corners, but still enjoying beautiful dresses. Used bridesmaid dresses can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on how many bridesmaids you have in your wedding.

Of course, the word used has a somewhat negative connotation to most people, but it neednt dissuade you from at least considering used dresses for your bridesmaids. Because most people only wear their bridesmaid dress once for a few hours, the dresses are hardly used at all. In fact, anything you try on in a bridal boutique, or any store, has likely been worn by more people than a used bridal dress that you buy! When you look at it that way, buying used bridesmaid dresses doesnt seem so awful, does it?

Your local yellow pages are a great place to start when shopping for used bridesmaid dresses. In most areas there are a few, if not more, little shops in the area that specialize in selling used formal wear. Youll be amazed at how many really great gowns are available in these shops and even more amazed at the quality of them, and how many of them still have their tags attached.

Local newspapers are also a good resource for used bridesmaid dresses. Many people will advertise them in the newspaper in an attempt to clean out the closets, and maybe even pay off some of their wedding debt! Take advantage of the great deals you can find in the newspaper classifieds and make an appointment to at least go see the dresses, you may be pleasantly surprised at what you find for very little money.

If you have a friend who is a bridesmaid in your wedding who is already married you may want to ask her if she or her bridesmaids held onto their dresses. Youd be surprised at how many women are willing to pass on their old bridesmaid dresses, and this hand me down process may cost you nothing more than a few minutes to make the phone calls.

Renting used bridesmaid dresses may be a good option for you and your wedding party, too. Not only is renting much cheaper than buying, but then your bridesmaids dont end up with dresses that theyll never wear again. And, if they decide they do like the dress rental shops usually have an option to buy. There is some comfort in renting used bridesmaid dresses as they are cleaned and well cared for, and there is usually more than one dress in each style, so you may have an easier time finding matching dresses for all of your bridesmaids.

If you let go of the negative association with the word used you really can find some great used bridesmaid dresses at outstanding prices. Buying used can save you several hundred dollars per gown and with all the costs associated with a wedding there is sure to be somewhere else that you can use that money. And, you just may find that sometimes used is even better than new!

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