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Finding a Cheap But Attractive Bridesmaid Dress

Every girl is excited when a bride to be asks her to be in her wedding, but that excitement is almost always coupled with fear and anxiety about the dress she will have to wear on that walk down the aisle.

Luckily, times are changing and those awful dresses of the past are no longer a must have. And, bridesmaid dresses dont have to break the bank; you can find a really great, but cheap, bridesmaid dress that all your bridesmaids will be happy with! Also remember that your bridesmaids do not have to fall in love with any dress that you pick, because chances are theyll only wear it once!

If youre on the look out for a cheap bridesmaid dress dont lock yourself into one style or brand. Instead, keep the color you want in mind. Chances are, if you shop in a bridal boutique youll find that prices are a lot higher on the same quality stuff you can buy almost anywhere else that sells formal dresses. Keeping an open mind to style and brand is likely to save you big bucks later on down the road.

If you choose to shop at a bridal boutique first, there is nothing wrong with that. Itll give you a good idea of what good and bad prices are, and how well those will fit into your wedding budget. If you are looking for a cheap bridesmaid dress, chances are budget is a concern.

Dont let budget restraints keep you from finding a beautiful dress though, you just have to know where to look. And, at a bridal boutique the place to look is on the sale rack. You never know what youll find on the sale rack, sometimes its full of beautiful gowns that just didnt sell for one reason or another, or its full of dresses youd never ask your friends to wear!

Department stores are an awesome outlet for a cheap bridesmaid dress. Department stores are also more likely to have more than one dress of the same style in different sizes to accommodate all of your bridesmaids who are likely varying in size. Department stores may not be dirt cheap, but youll likely find that they are cheaper than the bridal boutique. And, if you keep your eye out for a good sale you can get an even better deal.

If you dont care if all your bridesmaids have matching dresses a vintage or bargain store could be the way to go to find a cheap bridesmaid. Some of the clothes are slightly used, but still in really great condition. This can be a fun way for each of your bridesmaids to get a great dress, but still convey their own style or try a new style for just one day. If you dont go along for the shopping spree, be sure to specify any styles that you would not appreciate to avoid tension later on.

A formal rental store may also be an ideal way to secure a cheap bridesmaid dress. These stores specialize in renting and fitting formal wear for just a couple days at a time, so the cost is much less. A lot of rental stores will rent a bridesmaid dress cheap, for twenty or thirty dollars! You really cant beat that, and if your budget is tight, you arent paying for your girls dresses and they dont have a lot of money, or you just cant find anything that is quite right anywhere else, try out the formal rental scene.

Just remember that a cheap bridesmaid dress doesnt have to mean an ugly bridesmaid dress. If you are patient and search high and low, you are sure to find something that you and your bridesmaids will love, for really cheap allowing you to treat each bridesmaid to a unique gift for being an attendant in your wedding. Have fun shopping for a cheap bridesmaid dress and spending the extra money on bigger and better things than attire that will be worn once!

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