Bridesmaid Dresses Or Flower Girl Dresses Articles

The Mother of the Bride: Choosing A 2 Piece Dress
There are quite a range of 2 piece mother of the bride dresses now available to select from.

Brianna and the Yellow Flower Girl Dress
Brianna was going to be the flower girl in the wedding ceremony and she couldn’t wait to walk down the aisle in her yellow flower girl dress with the little white bows and the frilly skirt.

How to Buy a Wholesale Flower Girl Dress
As one of the bridesmaids or the parents of the flower girl even the cost of the chosen dress can be a bit much to bear for some people.  Locating items at low cost, like a wholesale flower girl dress, can be a big help.

Vera Wang Flower Girl Dresses for Your Wedding
Vera Wang flower girl dresses are a part of the attractive Vera Wang Maids collection.

Wedding Flower Girl Dresses for Little Girls
Little girls love to get dressed up and look pretty and a wedding flower girl dress will often make the girl look the prettiest she ever has in her young life.

When is a Girl Not a Girl? When She’s Wearing a Woman’s Flower Girl Dress!
When the flower girl is more woman than girl, she’ll need a woman’s flower girl dress.

White and Silver Flower Girl Dresses for a Traditional Look
Traditional white and silver flower girl dresses are as beautiful today as they ever were in the past. Today’s weddings have more choices and options than ever before, thanks to the modern styles that have been brought to bridal fashion by top designers.

White Flower Girl Dresses
There are as many styles of white flower girl dresses as there are flower girls. They’re made and sold in traditional styles, modern styles, and everything in between.

White Flower Girl Size Dresses
White flower girl size dresses have long been associated with wedding ceremonies everywhere.

White Little Girl Flower Girl Dresses
Traditional white little girl flower girl dresses are as beautiful today as ever have been. There are more choices and style options than ever in today’s bridal designs.

Buying a Winter Flower Girl Dress
Winter flower girl dresses often include colors that go far beyond the traditional white wedding motif.

Affordable Gowns for the Mother of the Bride
After negotiating the caterer, dj, baker and managing the 1001 wedding details, the last thing you want to do is worry about where you going to find an affordable mother of the bride dress.

Easy to Sew Patterns for Wedding Apparel
McCall’s pattern company offers a variety of patterns for wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses and flower girl dresses.

Surviving the Ugly Bridesmaid Dress: A True Test of Friendship
Very few people can pull off lime green or electric pink with panache. For this reason, bridesmaids often sacrifice fashion for friendship.

Formal or Informal: Choosing a Bridesmaid’s Dress
In the present, the line between formal and informal has blurred dramatically. Whereas, in the past, “formal” meant “uncomfortable”, today’s fashion allows for a woman to have some proverbial breathing room while still looking her best.

Bridesmaid Dresses with Ethnic Flair
Planning a wedding is both fun and challenging, but deciding how to integrate your family’s cultural traditions into the process can add an unexpected dimension to the experience.

Buying An Affordable Mother of the Bride Dress
Your daughter does not have to be marrying a millionaire in order for you to find a beautiful mother of the bride dress. This article will guide you on choosing a dress on a limited budget.

Beach Wedding: What Does The Mother of the Bride Wear?
More and more brides are choosing to have their weddings on the beach.  This is particularly important to consider; what does the mother of the bride wear to a beach wedding?

Black and White Bridesmaid Dresses: Consider Your Options
With recent trends in weddings, people’s feelings toward the wearing the colors black and white at a wedding are changing.

The Mother of the Bride: Wearing A Bridal Dress
It is usually quite customary for mothers to help shop for the daughter’s bridal gown, but what about the mother shopping for her own gown as well at the same store.

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