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When is a Girl Not a Girl? When Shes Wearing a Womans Flower Girl Dress!

In most western wedding traditions the flower girl, if there is one in the ceremony, is a young child, typically between the ages of three and seven years old. Some brides, however, may opt to use a non-traditional approach to this time honored tradition by using an older girl to fill the role of flower girl.

They may choose a teen sibling or a young adult friend to enter the chapel first and walk down the aisle tossing flower petals to and fro. In these cases, a flower girl dress designed for a small child simply will not do unless the desired effect is to have the flower girl be much more of a spectacle than usual. When the flower girl is more woman than girl, shell need a womans flower girl dress.

A womans flower girl dress is usually a bridesmaids dress with some special added design features that designate it as belonging to the flower girl. It may have additional bows or be adorned with flowers that the other bridesmaids dresses do not have.

Other than those additions, which will usually need to be special ordered or added after the purchase because few retailers sell womans flower girl dresses, there is no real difference. In fact, a bride shopping around for her attendants dresses will be hard pressed to find a flower girl dress specifically designed for a grown woman.

When choosing specifications for woman flower girl dresses, the bride or wedding planner should not try to make the flower girl look cute. Cuteness works when the flower girl is three years old or so, but not so much when shes eighteen or older. Instead, the flower girl should be treated the same as the other bridesmaids. Also, if a grown flower girl is utilized it is usually a good idea to use a boy or man of similar age as the ring bearer, a role typically filled by a small boy.

One nice thing about buying a woman flower girl dress is that there are more options available than there typically are with flower girl dresses for little girls. As previously mentioned, the woman flower girl dress is usually just a bridesmaids dress. In other cases the flower girl will be asked to just wear a nice dress of her own. This is more common in less formal weddings.

While tradition dictates that the flower girl usually must be a young child, there is no law that says this has to be the case. As wedding traditions modernize and evolve and more people put their own personalities into their wedding ceremonies, more brides will use their grown friends and family members as the flower girls. This, in turn, will cause a greater need for a woman flower girl dress. Who knows? If this becomes an actual widespread wedding trend, perhaps Vera Wang will one day release specifically designed woman flower girl dresses.

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