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Vera Wang Flower Girl Dresses for Your Wedding

Over the past ten years or so, no designer has been more associated with weddings and sheer elegance in bridal fashion than Vera Wang. She has made her name synonymous with modern bridal fashion and her designs in bridal gowns, bridesmaids dresses, and Vera Wang flower girl dresses are unmatched in terms of quality and style.

Vera Wang flower girl dresses are a part of the attractive Vera Wang Maids collection. As a designer, Ms. Wang rose to the challenge of capturing the grace and sophistication of her bridal gown designs in attendants dresses that both entice and inspire. Vera Wang Maids selections are released twice yearly and are sold to discerning wedding planners and brides all over the world.

Vera Wang flower girl dresses are currently available in five distinct designs. The Josephine, an attractive floor length Vera Wang flower girl dress is an attractive, sleeveless dress with a satin sash that will make any weddings flower girl a precocious attraction all her own.

The Jasmine is also sleeveless and includes a satin sash, but has a more traditional neckline and a full skirt while the Tulip takes the Jasmines top design and adds a silky, sheer, layer of silk to the skirt, making it reminiscent of the bridal veil.

The Lily uses an attractive and untraditional thin strapped top with a full skirt and satin hemline to make it and its wearer a thing of true beauty and is similar to the Daisy, which loses the satin hemline and is adorned with tying straps. Most of the Vera Wang flower girl dresses are available in sizes 2T to 14 and carry suggested retail prices between $250.00 US and $310.00 US.

Vera Wang has been in the high fashion industry for over twenty-five years. Before venturing on her own to design beautiful and memorable items like the Vera Wang flower girl dresses discussed above, she worked as an editor at Vogue and as a design director for Ralph Lauren.

It was her own wedding experience that led Vera to design a line of fashionable bridal gowns and attendants dresses. When she was unable to find a wedding gown that overcame tradition in favor of style she realized that there was little to no actual fashion in the bridal fashions of the day and she decided to change that. She is widely credited with bringing the concepts of fashion to the bridal world.

In most wedding traditions the flower girls dress is chosen by the bride or wedding planner, but purchased by the parents of the flower girl. Because Vera Wang flower girl dresses are more costly than traditional non-designer dresses, the decision to use a Vera Wang flower girl dress should be revealed to the flower girls parents when asking them if their child may be in your wedding.

If the parents express that they can not afford to pay for a designer dress, it is appropriate to offer to help defray the cost yourself if the Vera Wang flower girl dress is a matter of importance to you for your wedding ceremony.

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