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How To Keep Warm In Winter Bridesmaid Dresses

Winter weddings are magical events. The beauty and warmth to the soul they provide is everlasting. Brides planning a winter wedding however may have difficulty choosing winter bridesmaid dresses. Winter bridesmaid dresses really dont have to look much different than other seasonal dresses however. The trick is to use accessories to warm your maids. This allows the bride to choose whatever dress she likes, but also keeps the bridesmaids warm when traveling outdoors. Think about these winter bridesmaid dress tips when trying to choose your wedding attire.

One main thing to think about when choosing winter bridesmaid dresses is fabric. Thicker fabric works better in cooler weather and will keep your maids toasty. Fabrics like velvet are beautiful and warm for winter weather. If you choose a dress with a heavier fabric, it will not matter what style it is, because it will still hold extra warmth.

If you can choose a dress with sleeves, either long or short, certainly do so. Bridesmaids will surely be cold in the winter weather and will appreciate the extra warmth sleeves provide. Many dresses today however are sleeveless or strapless, so this may not be an option for you.

If you do choose a dress style that has no sleeves, consider using wraps to keep your maids warm. You can choose wraps made from the same material as the dress, or you can choose those that are different yet coordinating. The wraps can be used before the wedding and then set aside during the ceremony. If you wrap looks especially nice with the dress you may even choose to use it for the ceremony.

Using faux fur wraps are a trendy way to update the wedding attire. Wraps are nice because they are not too long so as to get in the way, but they offer warmth for the upper body area, which is important for winter bridesmaids. If you want to secure your wraps use simple safety pins (make sure you cant see them on the outside) or special wrap broaches.

Shawls are much like wraps, in that they provide extra warmth and coverage for the upper body area. The difference is that shawls are usually made out of knitted materials. If you like the bohemian look, the shawl is for you. In colors like black, silver, and gold, these items look great for a wedding. The shawl is usually longer and may be more difficult to deal with along with a bouquet, but they do offer a distinct style look.

With these lovely bridesmaid accessories, brides can choose winter bridesmaid dresses of any style and cut. The accessories give the bride room to make her wedding attire dream come true, no matter how cold it is outside. If you want to use skin baring dresses but are afraid your bridesmaids will be too cold, consider these tips. Both the bride and her maids will be thrilled with the outcome.

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