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The Beauty Of Vera Wang Bridesmaid Dresses

Vera Wang, a famous clothing designer who once worked for Ralph Lauren took the world by surprise with her fantastically simple and elegant dress designs. Her designs are worn by some of the most famous people of the world, yet she offers many designs that are affordable enough for the non-famous crowd as well. Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses are no different. The company states that each of their dresses is meant to represent all of the components of todays bridesmaid. These include traditional traits such as friendship and honor. The Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses are simply beautiful and any bridesmaid would be honored to wear one.

One of the great things about the Vera Wang bridesmaid collection is that it is elegant, yet original. Her designs are simple and non-complicated, yet each one offers something fantastic that you can get no where else. Whether it is the amazing skirt shape or the unique neckline, each design is a notch above the rest. The detailing to each design is one to admire and most of the dresses are suitable for all ages and body types, which is lovely in itself. All of the designs are somewhat modest for this line, which is only appropriate. The most popular colors for this time are lavenders, grays, olives, and gold.

Vera Wang desires to make bridesmaid dresses that not only appeal to the bride, but also to her maids. The line, which is cleverly called Maids comes in two different main groups. These groups are the Cocktail gowns and the Full Length gowns. The dresses can be found in over 250 stores around the world. New dresses for this line appear twice a year.


Vera Wang currently offers twelve styles of cocktail bridesmaid dresses. These dresses range in length from just at the knee to mid-calf. Although they are shorter than the traditional bridesmaid gown, they do not lack class and sophistication. These dresses are perfect for a city wedding with a sophisticated edge. They range in price from around $220 to over $300. Each dress is unique, with some offered in A-Line shapes while others are pencil skirt shapes. Overall, they are all immaculate.

Full Length

With around 38 designs available, this is obviously the most popular group in the Vera Wang Maids dress line. These dresses are offered in sleeveless, strapless, and cap sleeve designs. They are absolutely gorgeous. With variations in neck lines, material used, and skirt shapes, Vera Wang creates original masterpieces everyone loves. They are also very elegant in design and offered in many different colors. The line even offers maternity dresses for the special bridesmaid with the bundle of joy.

Vera Wang bridesmaid dresses are simply amazing. If you have never laid eyes on one, you should certainly consider checking them out, for they will blow your mind. The sophistication and elegance in each dress design is done with such detail and flair that it is far from boring. This is certainly an exciting line that any bride and bridesmaid would love.

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