Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

Dealing With Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

Being chosen as a bridesmaid for a friend or relatives wedding is exciting. It is a great honor for anyone to be included in the wedding party. Bridesmaids can have a great time helping the bride prepare for her big day; however they often do so at their own expense. Sometimes bridesmaids must endure things they normally would not, such as wearing ugly bridesmaid dresses. It is every bridesmaids nightmare to be forced to wear ugly bridesmaid dresses. However, it can be done with grace and class, which is how it should always be done. Use the tips to get through the entire wedding while stuck with an ugly bridesmaid dress.

If you are lucky enough to help the bride choose the bridesmaid dresses, then certainly offer your opinion during the process. Most bridesmaids get stuck with ugly bridesmaid dresses because they are afraid to speak up. When thinking of interjecting, consider these rules. You should never offend the bride when you are a bridesmaid, after all it is her wedding, not yours.

However, you are allowed to attempt to sway her decision on the bridesmaid dresses. Tell her if you are uncomfortable wearing a specific dress or complain just a little about dresses that are just plain ugly. If you do this in subtle ways, you can end up with a great dress.

If you are already stuck with an ugly dress, do not say a word. You are allowed to discuss the hideous dress with others, but not the bride. It is her choice ultimately and you must respect her wishes, or remove yourself from the wedding. Remember, it will only be for one day, although the pictures do last forever.

You have the power to make an ugly bridesmaid dress look as beautiful as possible during the wedding. To do this, it is all about presence. If you look confident, then you will come across as being so and people will think you are beautiful. Men often say they would love their wives even if they wore a garbage sack, so take this to heart. If you smile and hold your head up high, the ugly dress will look better.

Having a complimentary hairstyle and beautiful makeup cannot hurt either. Make sure everything else about you is kicked up in the glamour department to compensate for the ugly dress. If someone compliments you on the dress, simply smile and nod. Do not go into your disgust of the dress on the wedding day. That is inappropriate.

When the wedding is finally over, there are a few things you can do with an ugly bridesmaid dress. You can sell it on EBay, take it to a consignment shop, make curtains or a throw out of it, or pass it down to a younger girl to use for dress-up games. No matter what you do with it, do not let the bride know you got rid of it. If she ever asks, simply say that you are sure it is around somewhere.

Dealing with ugly bridesmaid dresses does not have to be impossible. You can make the most of your situation with a little tact and a big smile. After all, there will come a time when your bridesmaids are not so keen on your dress choice either. They may complain about wearing the ugly bridesmaid dresses as well!

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