Sewing Pattern For Bridesmaid Dress

Where To Get A Sewing Pattern For Bridesmaid Dress

Many brides go from wedding outlet to wedding outlet looking for the bridesmaid dress they envision in their dreams. Unfortunately some brides cant ever find the perfect dress and end up settling for something less than perfect. For brides who are having a hard time finding the bridesmaid dress of their dreams, consider using a sewing pattern for a bridesmaid dress. Once you find the perfect sewing pattern for a bridesmaid dress, you can hire someone to make your perfect dresses using the material and color of your choice. This is perfect for a choosy bride who wants a unique look to her wedding attire. The trick is finding the patterns. There are many places to look, so use these tips to get you started.

General Merchandise Stores

Stores like Wal-Mart and K-Mart have craft sections in most of their store locations. Most brides would not even consider looking at these stores for a pattern for a bridesmaid dress, but you would be surprised at what you can find. These craft sections carry large amounts of sewing patterns, many of which include bridesmaid dresses. The patterns are cheap and you can also look for inexpensive material at the same time. The general merchandise store is the perfect solution for the bride who wants an original bridesmaid dress, but does not want to pay a bundle for it.

Bridal Outlets

Some bridal outlets have sections where you can purchase sewing patterns for bridesmaid dresses. These outlets usually do not carry material, so you would need to go to a fabric store to get that part of the project. An advantage of getting your pattern at a bridal outlet is that most of them are updated in style. You will find some of the newest trends in dresses, unlike some that you might find at other stores. Patterns will cost you a bit more in these stores, mostly because they are specialty stores that charge more for almost everything.

Craft and Sewing Stores

A great place to look is at the local craft and fabric stores. In addition to hundreds of patterns in stock, these locations also have large pattern books made by each pattern company for you to browse through. If you see something you like, the store can order it for you for a low fee. Most stores dont even charge a special ordering fee, just the price of the pattern. These stores are great because they usually also offer high quality material you can use for the dresses.

Designer Studios

Lastly, if you want a truly original dress, you can always hire a designer to create a pattern for you. Some designers will listen to your needs, draw a sketch of your design, and create a pattern for you. This is usually pretty costly, but if you are having trouble finding what you want, then you might want to cough up the cash.

Creating dresses using a sewing pattern for a bridesmaid dress is a great idea for a bride who has a specific type of dress in mind, but cant seem to find it in stores. The project allows brides to choose the exact color and type of material used for the dresses and can create great fitting garments.

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