Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

The Truth About Plus Size Bridesmaid Dresses

With the average woman wearing a size 12, it is common that brides have several fuller figure bridesmaids in their wedding. Another thing that makes them so popular is that many bridesmaid dresses will run a size or so small, making women need larger sizes. Plus size bridesmaid dresses are becoming easier to find than they were in the past. Plus size bridesmaid dresses can be found in the same styles as the smaller sizes, or in more flattering styles as well. Use these tips to find beautiful plus size bridesmaid dresses for your attendants.

Some of the most flattering style are made in plus sizes. The A-Line dress cut is one of the most flattering designs because it highlights areas of the body that women do not mind showing off, and help conceal the problem areas, like the stomach, hips, legs, and bottom. The A-Line also works for your petite bridesmaids. It is a very flattering style.

Surprisingly enough, dresses without sleeves or straps look great on plus size women. Even if women hate the size of their arms, the illusion of the strapless dress is very slimming. This is a great style to use in warmer seasons, although it can be used all year long. Whatever you do, never put a plus size women in a dress with thin straps. This is a fashion disaster and will make her look fifteen pounds heavier.

Do not choose clingy fabric for your plus size bridesmaid dresses. This is a huge mistake as well, as it will highlight any problem areas. Make sure the material is body skimming, which simply means that it fits well. It is not too loose and not tight.

When it comes to plus size bridesmaid gowns, color matters. Of course the most flatter color of all time is black. However, there are many other colors that are as flattering, in case brides want to add a bit of color to their wedding with colorful bridesmaid dresses. Colors like navy, hunter green, and burgundy are perfect alternatives to the flattering black dress. These colors are still dark enough to helpfully slim, but different enough to add color to the wedding.

If youd like, you can also use wedding attire accessories to help style your plus size bridesmaids. One of the greatest accessories is the wrap. The wrap can help conceal problem areas in the arms. This accessory can be used for the wedding ceremony or simply for the time before and after the wedding. The wrap is great for added warmth in cooler seasons as well as added comfort for bridesmaids who hate to show skin.

Most bridal outlets are carrying plus size bridesmaid dresses these days. Some of them may need to be special ordered, but each store usually has at least one plus size bridesmaid dress in each style to get an idea of what you need. Use these helpful ideas and tips to help you choose a bridesmaid dress that will fit and flatter all of your bridesmaids.

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