Flower Girl Angel Dresses

Make Your Flower Girl An Angel

Flower girls are an important part of the wedding tradition. They represent the purest form of women in the ceremony. We bask in their childlike innocence and wonder. They are simply angelic. An upcoming trend in todays wedding is flower girl angel dresses. These dresses play up on the angelic side of the flower girl and can be done in several ways.

Flower girl angel dresses should be white, ivory, silver, or gold. These dresses do not have to be full of ruffles and bows. They can be simple in shape, or complicated. It really doesnt matter. The major part of these ensembles is the wings. Flower girl angels must have wings. Halos are optional, but wings are necessary. Wings can be found at specialty costume stores or at some bridal outlets. The wings sometimes pin to the back of the dress, but more often the fit onto the girls arms like a backpack. With flower girl angel dresses becoming more popular, bridal outlets are beginning to carry angel accessories.

Angel flower girls should not be over the age of 10 however. It looks ridiculous to have an angel flower girl over that age, unless she is small for her age. Flower girls over the age of 10 should be dressed in regular flower girl dresses.

Angel Theme Weddings

With theme weddings being hotter than ever right now, it is no surprise brides are choosing angel theme weddings. An angel theme wedding would certainly not be complete without life-sized angels in flower girl angel dresses. Angel themes work best with more than one flower girl. Each flower girl angel dress should match when using more than one girl. Having girls in flower girl angel dresses is a major part of this theme and guests will love it as well.

Angel Flower Girls

Angel flower girls that do not want to wear halos can wear their hair in ringlets to go with their flower girl angel dresses. Pearls are a great accessory, so if no halo is used, then string pearls throughout the ringlets for a completed look. Little girls love angels and will adore wearing their flower girl angel dresses for the wedding ceremony and reception.

Fairy Flower Girls

If you like the flower girl angel dresses look, but want to mix it up a bit then try the fairy flower girl. The same type of flower girl angel dresses can be used for this look. This look is a more colorful and mystical look. You can add colorful wings instead of white-feathered wings. Instead of the halo, simply add a ring or flowers on the girls head and surround it with ringlets for the appropriate look.

Flower girl angel dresses are a beautiful addition to any wedding, whether there is an angel theme or not. Weddings are spiritual events and with a flower girl angel dress, guests will be reminded of that fact. So, be daring and add a flower girl angel dress to your wedding attire.

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