Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

Hunting for Vintage Bridesmaid Dresses

In todays fashion trends, it is impossible not to notice the influence of vintage styles. For many women this is great news! If you are intrigued by clothes of the past and cherish the vintage items in your current wardrobe, then you have probably already considered a vintage-themed wedding.

Certainly, a vintage wedding is a wonderful and unique way to mark your special day. However, you may have a rough road ahead when it comes to finding the right vintage bridesmaid dresses. Therefore, begin searching for the dresses as early as possible. Stop into your local vintage clothing stores and hop online right away!

If you cant find any dresses that suit your needs, there is always the option of making one from a vintage pattern. But if you wish to tackle this, make sure you begin sewing early enough so that each member of your wedding party will have time for several fittings.

No matter what, the hunt for vintage bridesmaid dresses should be an enjoyable task that you and your girlfriends can do together.

Your Era of Choice

Are you a fan of the roaring 20s? Or do you prefer the more modest looks of the 1950s? Before you do anything else, pick the era that interests you most.

Lets say you settle on the 1950s. There are some superb sundresses, either with or without straps that you could pair with soft cardigans for an afternoon springtime or summertime wedding.

Keep in mind that your dresses do not have to be absolutely identical. In fact, you may have trouble finding more than one vintage bridesmaid dress in the same color and style. If this is the case, varying the colors or subtle differences in the cut should be considered. For example, candy colors pastels were quite popular and dresses in an array of light pinks, blues, and yellows would be a perfect solution.

If you are getting married in the colder months or if you are planning an evening wedding, consider vintage bridesmaid dresses in darker hues of red, gold, or even sophisticated black. And in terms of sure fire accessories, a 50s style choker, ballet flats, and gloves are always safe bets.

But lets say you are hooked on the 1940s. The color palette is quite different, favoring richer colors like aqua blue, fuchsia, or green. Sweetheart necklines were the rage, as were veils. Your bridesmaids could top off their outfits with chin-length veils that would compliment your longer bridal headpiece. As for shoes, a small platform heel and dyed-to-match is the way to go.

The 1930s was a more glamorous time before the war. The colors for dresses were brighter and more eye-catching shades of pinks and purples with fabulous shoes in metallic tones of silver, gold, or bronze. The perfect 1930s bridesmaid dress would be a form fitting velvet gown.

The 1920s is often thought of as a rollicking decade, the perfect time to stage the biggest celebration of your life! A 1920 bridesmaid would wear more muted colors like rose or beige, have a dropped waist dress with an asymmetrical hemline, a string of pearls, and her hair done in a finger wave style.

A vintage wedding is a perfect opportunity to pull out all the stops and have fun dressing up. With vintage bridesmaid dresses your wedding party will have a truly one-of-a-kind look that will create lasting and pleasurable memories for all.

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