Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

Why Brides Should Never Pick Ugly Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone with stuffy wedding etiquette is the ugly bridesmaid dress, right? Well, it should be. Traditional goofy looking dresses are no longer called for, yet many brides still seem to be selecting ugly bridesmaid dresses for their friends. Why? Well, no one has told them that those ugly bridesmaid dresses will come back to haunt them later!

Why You Should Never Dress your Bridesmaids in Ugly Dresses:

Your friends will question your sanity and fashion sense long after your big day.
Your wedding guests will cringe as your most beloved friends precede you down the aisle.
Youll forever have wedding pictures that are dated by the dresses.
All the money spent on the dresses will be a waste because theyll never be worn again.
Your friends will feel uncomfortable or self-conscious in the dresses.
Youll wonder in ten years what you were thinking.
Ugly Bridesmaid dresses can cause real tension between friends.
Ugly dresses just arent the thing anymore.
A classic or elegant looking bridesmaid dress will bring a classier feel to your wedding.
Be careful! When your friends get married they may put you in a hideous dress just to get you back!

Of course, this list of ten reasons is good-natured and is mostly comical, but many of them are true. Ugly bridesmaid dresses will date your wedding photos, and leave you as a prime candidate to adorn an ugly dress should any of your friends get married. Isnt that reason enough to select a style of dress that is acceptable to all your bridesmaids?

If you have more than a couple bridesmaids, itll be difficult to find a dress that everyone absolutely loves. But, it doesnt mean that you can all agree on something that doesnt get the label of ugly dress! Simple styles, or a variety of styles in the same color, will be easier for your bridesmaids so that they can each find a dress that flatter their figure, even if they arent their favorite color.

Of course, a bride should have the wedding she always pictured in her mind, but hopefully that doesnt include ugly dresses for her bridesmaids. If you know ahead of time that you bridesmaids probably wont like the dresses you do, let them know this so they can prepare and make the best of it! But, do your best to find dresses that will be acceptable, and if you cant, make it up to them with a fun day at the spa, or special gifts for each of them. You want them to look like you always imagined they would, but you also want to nurture those friendships after you put them in an ugly dress, right?

Ugly bridesmaid dresses truly are a thing of the past. No more cheesy puffy sleeves, disgusting colors and fabrics, or dresses that have to sit at the back of the closet after the wedding. Bridesmaid dresses can be simple, flattering, and even sexy!

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