Ugly Bridesmaid Dress

How Not To Choose An Ugly Bridesmaid Dress

Many bridesmaids bemoan being chosen for a bridesmaid, not because they would like to be in the wedding, but they dread the ugly bridesmaid dress that will be chosen for them. There are many things a bride can do to ensure an ugly bridesmaid dress is not chosen.

First, the bride should take into consideration the color she chooses. Usually the attendants are chosen before the dress, in order to not choose an ugly bridesmaid dress, the bride should be aware that not every person can wear every color. It all depends on a woman’s natural coloring.

Another way in which the bride can assure that an ugly bridesmaid dress is not chosen is to consider the bridesmaid body type. The style of dress a woman can wear depends upon her body type as well. A full figured woman would look better in an empire style whereas a slim woman would look flattering in an A-line dress.

This leads to another suggestion that the bride chooses the color and allows the bridesmaids to choose the style. This is popular trend that many brides use to avoid picking an ugly bridesmaid’s dress. The girls are able to select the style that best flatters them but in the color the bride has chosen. Thus there are no complaints about ugly dresses and friendships can be maintained.

In order to not choose an ugly dress, the bride should consider buying cheaper dresses and having them adjusted to a style that she and bridesmaids will love. If the dresses are bought at a bargain price, a seamstress can adjust them.

The bridal party can also choose a pattern or a designer and have their dresses made instead of being them from a regular store. This is a more expensive option but is worth considering if the couple can afford. In this way, the bride and her bridesmaids can have someone design unique dresses fro the bridesmaids to wear. This would be especially popular with the bridesmaids if it were an original design.

A great suggestion that helps to avoid choosing an ugly dress is to buy dresses that can be worn again. Most bridesmaids would point out that the characteristics of an ugly bridesmaid’s dress is not only the color or the style, but that it cannot be worn again. It sits at the back of the closet or is donated. If the bride purchases formal dresses that are not actually bridesmaid’s dresses, then the bridesmaids can wear them again.

But the best advice that can be given is to do your research, online or in magazines before going shopping. It is important to know what you are looking for in order to find it.

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