Pageant And Flower Girl Dress

Selecting The Right Pageant and Flower Girl Dress

Beauty pageants for women and men of all ages have become very popular. This is why it is important to choose the right pageant and flower girl dress. Many little girl pageant dresses can be worn in a wedding as a flower girl dress, and many flower girl dresses can be worn as pageant dresses. The choice is up to you when buying a pageant and flower girl dress. This is especially handy to buy one dress if you daughter is going to be in an upcoming wedding and upcoming beauty pageant.

The Style of a Pageant and Flower Girl Dress

A pageant dress is pretty special to see on my little girls. Many pageants prefer to see little girls dress in long formal dresses that are just miniature versions of adult lady’s dresses. If you need to buy one dress to serve a dual purpose as a pageant and flower girl dress, you have many wonderful options to consider.

If you can find a nice long dress with ‘poofed’ sleeves or with a Cinderella design, then you will have a dress with a dual function. Many brides choose flower girls dresses that are white in color and can be miniature versions of the bride’s dress. This is quite popular and is an excellent style for your little girl’s pageant dress. If you can afford it, you can have a professional designer or seamstress make your little girl’s pageant and flower girl dress. You can research in the telephone directory and online for designers in your area.

Shopping for a Pageant and Flower Girl Dress

When shopping for a pageant and flower girl dress, it is good to keep aware of the type of colors and fabrics that are available. Many pageants involve long hours for the little girl on stage under bright lights. If you choose a dress that is too tight or too hot, then this will be uncomfortable. The same can be said for the wedding day. The day is usually a long one for the flower girl and the dress chosen should reflect this. Most little girls look nice in beautiful princess-type dresses.

For a pageant they can be almost any color that looks nice on the little girl. However for a wedding, a more neutral color such as white or the wedding color is best to choose. If the wedding color the bride has chosen is a suitable color to be worn at the pageant, then one dress can be worn.

Also it is a good idea to buy all the necessary accessories to accompany the pageant and flower girl dress. A little girl’s tiara or white gloves can be worn at both the pageant and the wedding. In either case, choose accessories that will highlight the beauty of your little girl.

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