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Getting Measured For A Modern Bridesmaid Dress

If you are a young and contemporary bride, the hardest thing will be choosing the right modern bridesmaid dresses. This will include a trip to the local bridal salon.

In order to be measured for the modern bridesmaid dresses, the bridal party should make an appointment at a professional bridal salon. It is better to have the measurements done professionally to ensure the correct sizes of dresses are ordered.

Most modern bridesmaid’s dresses if ordered online or from a store are not made specifically for the person that orders them. Instead they are made in a standard size with the necessary adjustments having to be made to them.

The professional measurements needed for modern bridesmaid dresses should be done well in advance of the wedding day, especially if adjustments need to be made, or if there is a problem with shipping. The wedding salon will measure the bridesmaids and compare the results to a standardized dress chart to select the correct size.

The first measurement taken will be the length or height. This is to ensure that the dress you order is not too long or too short. It is recommended that you wear a pair of high heel shoes that are similar to what you will wear to the wedding. Next, the wedding salon will measure your waist. This is the length around your abdomen that is needed to know if the dress will be too tight in the bodice. The third thing the bridal salon will measure is your hips for their circumference. The wedding salon also measures your bust size to also make sure the dresses are not tight.

When you are ordering your dress, keep in mind that your measurements and size should correspond to the wedding salon’s dress size chart. Otherwise the dresses will be too small or too big.

Keep in mind that some dresses are designed as a standard for most women. Thus if you usually wear a size four in dress, be expected to order a size six for your bridesmaid dress. Don’t order a smaller size thinking the measurements are wrong or that you might lose weight before the wedding. You might end up with a dress that is too small to fit anyone and has to be reordered. By doing this, you will put the wedding in jeopardy and possibly cause additional expenses.

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