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Selecting Bridesmaid’s Jewelry

The accessories for the bridal party are quite important, so selecting bridesmaid’s jewelry to accompany the bridesmaids dresses should have lots of attention paid to it.

The accessories and jewelry for the bridesmaid dresses will depend on how formal or informal the wedding will be. If a dress is strapless, the bridesmaid so should consider wearing a nice necklace and drop earrings to better show off the dress.

Also if the bridesmaid dresses are flamboyant and richly decorated, the simpler the accessories should be. A bridesmaid’s dress that is plain can have more ornate accessories.

Most bridesmaids should wear only earrings, necklace, or a bracelet. Also matching jewelry should be worn by all of the bridesmaids.

The best advice for the bride is to keep the jewelry simple because it will be worn by the bridesmaids who are all of different coloring and looks. It is best to get to jewelry the same style and color. This would be a great gift for the bride to give the bridesmaids.

When choosing a necklace there is much to consider. For a strapless bridesmaid gown, the bridesmaids should wear either a Collar necklace or a Princess necklace. The Choker necklace is worn around a jeweled dress.

When choosing earrings, there are many things to consider as well. If the Bridesmaids decide not to wear a necklace then the earrings should be bought in a large size. If a necklace is worn and it is a large one, then the earrings chosen should be simple and elegant.

The bride and bridesmaids can choose jewelry with stones or simple gold or silver jewelry. The most common bridal party jewelry to buy involves diamonds, pearls, and other gemstones. Some brides choose to buy jewelry with gemstones the color of bridesmaids dresses. For example, buying rubies with a Burgundy dress. Whatever the couple decides depends on how much they can afford.

It is recommended that the bridesmaid dresses be selected before buying the bridal party accessories. This way when it comes time to purchase the jewelry, the bridal party will have a better idea of what to look for as the dresses have already been purchased. It is also recommended that the bridesmaids try on their jewelry with their dresses to make sure they compliment each other.

If done far enough in advance, the bride and her attendants can select really elegant jewelry to wear for the wedding.

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