Bridesmaid Dress Styles

Styles of Bridesmaid Dresses

Purchasing a bridesmaid dress can be an easy experience if you consider the tastes of the bridesmaids, their coloring, and their preferences. Ultimately, it is the bride’s right to choose the color and fabric that she wants her bridesmaids to wear, but a good bride will research before shopping.

When beginning to choose a style for bridesmaid dresses, the conscientious bride should search and review as much information as possible. Many wedding books and magazines will show the different styles of bridesmaid dresses that are available, along with the designer.

Since the invention of the Internet, it has become a great help in helping couples plan a wedding. The bride should review as many bridal websites to research the different designer styles available. If you are fortunate to have a bridal consultant, he or she may be of great help to you with the task ahead of choosing the style of your bridesmaid dresses.

Even though there are so many styles available, most dresses whether they are bridal, bridesmaid, or formal, all fall into specific categories. The A-line, Empire or Sheath dresses are the most popular.

First, the A-line style of dress features dresses that are tight in the waist and flairs around the shoulders. It is a good style of dress for a petite woman. Secondly, the empire style of bridesmaid dress is better suited for full figured or plus size women. It involves a gown in which the waist is gathered and higher than the waist on the A-line. It really flatters the figure of plus size women.

The third type of style of bridesmaid dress is the sheath. It is best for women who are slim. It is also known as the mermaid dress and features a tight dress that clings to the body. This type of dress might have embroidery or bead work on it.

Depending on the personality or the body type of each of your bridesmaids, the style you choose should flatter them. A very popular fashion trend is for brides to only choose the color and type of fabric but to leave the style of the dress up to the bridesmaid. The bride will have the final approval of the dress of course. This is something you should consider, as choosing a color that all your bridesmaids will look good in will be hard enough. If you let them choose their own style of dresses, then there should be no complaints about the style of the dress.

However, if you are going this route, it is advised to let the bridesmaids choose their dresses within reasonable time in case there are adjustments that are needed to be made to the dress.

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