Bridal Dresses For The Mother Of The Bride

The Mother of the Bride: Wearing A Bridal Dress

Brides spend lots of time researching and planning what they will wear on their special day. But just as important is what will the mother of the bride wear to watch her daughter walk down the aisle.

It is usually quite customary for mothers to help shop for the daughter’s bridal gown, but what about the mother shopping for her own gown as well at the same store. I am not referring to Mother of the bride dresses, but rather a bridal dress for the mother of the bride.

In the past it’s been considered a socially rude for anyone but the bride to wear a white wedding gown on the wedding day, but within the last couple of years, this trend has been changing and this is becoming more socially acceptable. If both the mother and the bride are in agreement, why not purchase a bridal dress for the mother of the bride as well.

The mother and daughter can search online for bridal dresses that might be available for the mother, and some stores might even give you a reduced price if you purchase more than one gown and you should inquire about this. However, it should be noted that this mother of the bride’s dress should not be more fancy that the bride’s dress.

There are many bridal dresses that can be bought. It is best to choose a semi-formal to formal bridal dress for the mother to wear. The style of the dress should be simple with a classic cut. Look for a dress that is both elegant and understated.

The bridal dress for the mother of the bride should not have a train and it is best to leave the wearing of a veil to the bride. A simple corsage for the mother should accentuate this type of dress nicely.

But with whatever dress is chosen, it is important to remember that the dress should not upstage or outshine the bride’s dress. But rather the bride’s mother can choose a flatteringly bridal dress for herself in order to represent the family in the best light as the hostess for this event.

If the mother of the bride is unable to afford a bridal dress or would not like to buy one, she can still wear one. If she is married, she can wear the bridal dress from her own wedding, if she still has it. The dress might need a few alterations if it has not been preserved properly. But, this idea of wearing her own bridal dress will add more meaning and sentimental value to the wedding ceremony of her daughter, and help to create a magical day.

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