Used Flower Girl Dresses

Guide to Locating Used Flower Girl Dresses

If you are a mother whose little girl has been selected as a flower girl in a friend’s or family wedding, you should be thrilled! The next step would be to try and figure out what your little daughter will wear to the wedding. The first decision is to determine whether you will buy a new or used dress.

Buying a used flower girl dress will save lots of money and will not break your bank account. There are many places available both at shopping malls and on the Internet where you can purchase a used flower girl dress. There are so man colors and styles available, that you will not feel limited.

Firstly, it would be a great idea to contact consignment shops and thrift stores. They will have a good selection of quality used dresses usually for a lot less than you would normally pay for them. Take your little girl with you so that she can try on these dresses to see if they are a perfect fit. If not, a dressmaker can adjust them.

If you are unable to find a quality used flower girl dress at the consignment shops or thrift stores, another place to look is at garage and yard sales. However, using this method this must be done well in advance of the wedding day.

Most local papers usually advertise yard and garage sales being held in the local community. If you make a list of these sales and start early on a Saturday morning, you might be fortunate enough to find a dress for your daughter. Dresses at yard and garage sales would be cheap and the money saved can be used elsewhere.

Another place to look for a used flower girl dress for your daughter is in her own closet. Are there any dresses in the right color scheme that she might posses that are fancy enough to be worn for a wedding? If you are able to find a dress that she already has, this will make things easier.

The easiest place to go shopping for a dress is online. There are many websites that supply used clothing and will have a selection of used flower girl dresses for purchase. So fire up the computer and do a search for this item. If you are able to find a style and a color you like, then you will have accomplished so much in less than an hour’s worth of work. The online stores usually deliver right to your front door saving you time and money.

Therefore, by using these suggestions previously, you will not encounter any problems buying a used flower girl dress.

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