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Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses come in a wide variety of beautiful colors and styles. Each of their dresses is guaranteed perfect for you and not previously worn as some of the retailers that sell their dresses off of the rack do. These dresses are shipped within a week once you have decided the style and color that you desire. You will never have a dress that has been worn or soiled by someone else when you purchase from this manufacturer. Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses are the perfect compliment for a brides formal wedding.

Choosing a dress from Da Vinci couldnt be easier. They offer selections each season in a wide variety of color swatches and materials. The fall 2005 collection offers over 50 styles and more than 25 colors. Fall colors no longer have to be gold, taupe and forest green. Unique colors include aubergine, claret, maize, cinnamon and mocha. Fabrics you can choose from include silk, satin, georgette and chiffon.

The styles are as varied as the colors in the Da Vinci bridesmaid dress collection. A new favorite is the satin strapless dress with a double layer fold over at bodice and split back on skirt with an A-line skirt style. This style looks stunning with a dark color on top with a lighter contrasting color under the split back under skirt. A-line dresses also look great on a variety of figures so you may be sure this dress would look wonderful on all of your bridesmaids.

Another variation on this style is the spaghetti strap dress with a sequined square neckline. A similar dress is the satin dress with spaghetti straps that is split at the bodice with 3 buttons at stomach and a split front on the A-line skirt. This style has a medieval feel and would be perfect for an evening wedding.

Looking for something out of the ordinary? Da Vinci has a variety of dresses with different looks and feels that may suit a wedding theme other than a traditional one. If you are opting for a contemporary look but with Victorian accents then the corseted look is for you. These dresses or separates look stunning on your bridesmaids because they create a very feminine silhouette.

The georgette A-line dress with a v-neck and ruching at the waist looks like a movie stars dress from the 1940s. This dress is a classy number and will also look great on a wide variety of figures. Another unique look is the 1920s style satin, 2-piece square neck line with lace accents, a basque waist and visible boning on the bodice and finished with a sheath skirt.

A perennial favorite of brides is the mermaid dress. These are not for anyone not in perfect condition though. Not only are they slightly difficult to walk in but they also show off every curve on your body. Da Vinci has a beautiful sleeveless bridesmaid dress made of satin with a Sabrina neckline and a mermaid skirt. An elegant dress that has a look from the 1800s is the empire waistline dress with a square neckline. This dress is perfect for evening weddings because of its classical lines.

No matter which dress you choose from the Da Vinci bridesmaid dress collection it is sure to be stunning. With the wide variety of colors and styles you cannot go wrong in choosing a dress. They also can be ordered and received within a week so this manufacturer is a perfect selection for a bride with a limited amount of time to pull her wedding together. Da Vinci bridesmaid dresses are a great alternative to expensive designer ones that can be purchased off of the rack at other wedding retail stores.

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