Sexy Bridesmaid Dress

How Sexy is Too Sexy For A Bridesmaid Dress?

Sexy is a relative term, so what is considered a sexy bridesmaids dress can be relative too. Religious beliefs, cultural customs and personal preference all play a part in determining what exactly constitutes a sexy bridesmaids dress.

There is no accounting for taste and personal choice, but there are certain unspoken rules about crossing the line between tantalizingly sexy and downright unacceptable. Excessively low cut, short or tight dresses are probably not a good idea for a bridesmaids dress. You may be asking what the criteria is for low cut, short and tight. Again, such definitions can differ, but a dress that leaves nothing to the imagination is most likely not appropriate for a wedding function.

Every bride wants her bridesmaids to look a certain way and every bridesmaid certainly wants to feel attractive in her dress. Therefore, it is reasonable to look for a sexy bridesmaids dress. However, there are two things that should be considered- where your wedding is going to be held and the comfort level of your bridesmaids.

If you are having a traditional wedding in a church or another religious facility, you may want to consider the character of this location in your choice of bridesmaids dress. Is it a conservative institution? What are the beliefs and codes concerning dress? Would an excessively low cut, tight or short dress be offensive in this setting? How about more modest lengths like just above the knee? After all, what is appropriate in a Vegas chapel may not necessarily mesh in temple, church or mosque. Wherever you are planning on holding your wedding, you should definitely inquire regarding dress code. If you feel that abiding by these rules would compromise the vision of your wedding, you should probably choose another location.

A sexy bridesmaids dress is a matter of perception. However, Modern Bride reports a few basic rules to go by for preserving the line between being sexy and plain good taste:

-No more than one inch above the knee.
-No more than one inch of cleavage.
-Balance form fitting items with more flowing elements. For example, balance a tight fitting bodice with an A-line skirt.
-Anything that rides up or bunches in places that it shouldnt is an absolute no-no.

Of course, sexy doesnt necessarily equate with revealing. Sexiness can be defined with subtlety, elegance and class. What the eye doesnt see can be sexier than what is in plain view. Dresses that barely skim curves, dramatic fabrics and colors can be far more alluring than leaving nothing to the imagination. You can also compromise by including a removable shawl or jacket to cover riskier ensembles during the parts of the wedding that call for a more conservative look.

Whatever dress you choose, make sure that your bridesmaids are comfortable with it. Remember, people have varying notions about how much skin is appropriate to reveal. The bottom line is that a sexy bridesmaids dress should make your bridesmaids look and feel special. This is more likely to happen if your bridesmaid can feel confident and comfortable in the dress that youve chosen.

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