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Compromising Between Cost and Detail in Your Bridesmaids Dress

Having the wedding of your dreams and being able to afford it are two different things. Of course, youll want all of your wedding finery to be of the highest quality and make. However, when it comes to an affordable bridesmaids dress, economy may take precedence over luxury. Having an affordable bridesmaids dress for your wedding party will ensure whole-hearted participation in the most important day of your life.

When designing or shopping for your bridesmaids gown, you may want to consider the budgetary concerns of friends and family. If you are having a dress custom tailored, understanding how the cost of the dress is determined can help you to make the right decision between an affordable bridesmaids dress and your ideal choice.

The amount and intricacy of the beading, techniques used, yardage and type of fabric area are all factors that determine how expensive a retailer is going to be. Whether your dress is bought from a bridal chain or designed head to toe also impacts price. However, there is no standard formula that will fit each and every scenario. For example, a bridesmaids gown custom designed by a by an independent dressmaker may be more affordable than a similar design in an expensive bridal salon.

Type of fabric, where the fabric is imported from and embroidery can also determine whether a bridesmaids dress will be affordable or out of reach. Silk is the most expensive choice for a bridesmaids gown, but probably the most flattering. Silk from certain areas of the world is of higher quality than others. For example, European silk is smoother in texture and shinier than silk from China, which tends to be rougher to the touch.

For an even more affordable fabric selection, slipper satin and silk crepe are two additional options. Embroidery and beadwork can also add to the cost of a dress. The more labor required and the more intricate the details, the more money you will have to invest.

There are definitely ways of compromising between having an affordable bridesmaids dress and creating your ideal look. You can pick one area to splurge on while economizing in others. For example, if you like the look and feel of a more expensive fabric, make the texture of the dress the focal point. For the design, think simple and elegant to keep expenditures to a minimum. Avoid foil skirts, flounces and layers to keep yardage as low as possible.

If you are a savvy shopper, like to plan and have a lot of patience, it is possible to find an affordable bridesmaids dress at trunk shows and sample sales. Bridal designers often bring their entire collections to local boutiques to be viewed. You can save as much as 10% if you purchase an item directly from the show.

At sample sales, retailers showcase items that have been used for tryons throughout the season. If you cant get all of your bridesmaids dresses this way, you can at least pick up one or two gowns out of sheer luck.

Finding an affordable bridesmaids dress need not be difficult. Remember this simple rule- To keep from digging too far into your pocket, keep the lines of the dress clean and basic, avoid costly beadwork and dont be afraid to try alternative fabrics.

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