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Many brides choose to forgo toddler flower girls and go with older girls to fill their wedding party. This is a wise decision if you are a bride that really does not want to deal with the drama that can come along with including toddlers in your wedding. Toddlers can refuse to cooperate during the ceremony and be a mess during pictures.

For a more mature wedding party choose a flower girl age 8 or over. One problem however in choosing an older flower girl, is that dresses for flower girls usually run small. Size 16 flower girl dresses are almost impossible to find. Use these tips if you are looking for size 16 flower girl dresses.

Flower girl dresses in size 16 are hard to find because they are on the border of youth and teen clothing. With todays children being bigger however, you may have a ten-year-old flower girl who wears size 16 flower girl dresses. Many flower girl dresses run small as well, adding to the problem. If you do have an older flower who needs size 16 flower girl dresses, do not fret. There are options that make this decision much easier.

If the flower girl is a true size 16, then it should be possible to have a size 14 dress altered to fit her. Most formal dresses are made to be altered one size up, or two sizes down. To try this however, be sure to take the dress to a professional seamstress. Some of the seamstresses offered at bridal stores are not as well trained as seamstresses that are on their own. Keep this in mind, and be sure to get the dress back in plenty of time to find a new one if it doesnt work.

The web is an excellent place to research companies that make larger size 16 flower girl dresses. Many bridal stores in your area may be unaware of these companies, but they are out there. Do your homework before shopping and be familiar with brands and lines that carry what you need. If you wish, you can even order many dresses online.

An option for the problem of finding size 16 flower girl dresses is to use a junior bridesmaid dress. Junior bridesmaid dresses can look identical to your older bridesmaids, or they can be different. Most of these will not come in white or ivory however, so you will need to agree on color. The color of this dress can match the other bridesmaids or it can be different and compliment the others. If you want something different, try silver for the flower girl.

If you have run out of options, consider this. Just go to the store and get a dress that will coordinate and fit your girl. Size 16 flower girl dresses take time to find, so this is a great idea if you are planning your wedding quickly. Just as long as the color coordinates well, you will be surprised at how lovely any dress can look in a wedding.

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