Matching Bridesmaid And Flower Girl Dresses

Cute Matching Bridesmaid and Flower Girl Dresses

With todays flower girl being older and more mature, more brides a choosing matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses work best with flower girls over the age of 9. Having all of the attendants, including the flower girl match, creates a uniform look. This uniform look works nicely in photographs, especially if the attendants are wearing a dark or rich color.

If your flower girl is younger than 9 it can be difficult to find a matching dress in her size. However, if you are having your dresses made, you can get away with a younger flower girl. Keep in mind however, that little girls should look like little girls, and not women. So, if you think your flower girl is too young for the bridesmaid dress, then consider finding her one that is the same shade. This will allow for that uniform look, but also let the little girl look her age.

If you choose to use a different style dress in the same color, beware that some colors offer varying shades on different fabrics. Try to stick with the same fabric. If your bridesmaids are wearing satin, then try to find a satin flower girl dress. Mixing too many fabrics looks messy in pictures.

Having the dresses made is the best option if you want your matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses to be exactly alike. Some dress companies will offer lines with a matching flower girl dress included, but they are usually for larger flower girls, so if you have a small flower girl they may not work for you. Do some research online and in wholesale bridal magazines to find collections that include matching bridesmaids and flower girl dresses.

If you decided to go with matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses, consider changing the traditional flower girl basket. Instead of using the basket, why not let the flower girl carry a small round ball of flowers? A ribbon attached to the inside of the ball and surrounded with flowers holds these popular alternatives.

Choosing matching bridesmaid and flower girl dresses allows the flower girl to look more grown up. Therefore, having her carry the little girl basket may not look appropriate. This interesting new flower option allows her to fall somewhere in the middle.

This is also an easy item to create. To make this item yourself, buy a flower foam ball, ribbon, pins, and faux flowers. Simply cut the buds off of the flowers and stick them down into the foam. Before filling the top, cut a strip of ribbon and attach it to the ball with pins or hot glue in a loop shape. This will be her handle. Then continue adding buds until the ball is completely covered. Your finished product will be beautiful.

Use these helpful tips and ideas if you choose matching bridesmaids and flower girl dresses to create a beautiful wedding day look. Remember to allow plenty of time for your dresses when matching them and be flexible!

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