Coordinating Bridesmaid And Flower Girl Dresses

Coordinating Bridesmaid And Flower Girl Dresses

Brides today have the option to dress their wedding party to their liking. Tradition is no longer a fashion barrier and many brides are cashing in on this fact. Some fashionable brides are choosing to use coordinating bridesmaid and flower girl dresses. Coordinating bridesmaid and flower girl dresses can help the bride create a beautiful look for her special day. Choosing designers and store who offer these dresses as sets is a great option for brides. So, before choosing your wedding attire, do your research and be prepared. This will save you a lot of time while shopping.

Matching V. Coordinating

Brides can choose to use matching dresses instead of coordinating dresses. Some wedding attire companies will offer smaller versions of their bridesmaid dresses for junior bridesmaids or older flower girls. They usually do not offer matching dresses for young flower girls however. Most bridesmaid dresses are too old in style for a young flower girl, thus being the reason the companies make them as such. If you are set on having everyone match or at least in the same exact fabric, consider having the dresses custom made for each member of the wedding party. This will guarantee a matching look.

Coordinating attire does not necessarily mean matching attire. When you coordinate attire you simply put together attire that works well together from a designing perspective. This may mean that the color matches, but not the style, or that the styles work together but the colors do not match. It is quite possible to use two different colors for the bridesmaid dresses and the flower girl dress and still have a coordinating look. With many brides choosing colored flower girl dresses, this is a common occurrence.

Examples Of Coordinating Attire

An example of this is to use a blue bridesmaid dress and a silver flower girl dress with embellishments on it in the same color of blue. These dresses share the blue color and therefore have a common ground in which they coordinate. To do this, consider holding the dresses up to each other if the wedding party cannot try them on at the same time. This will allow you to see how they will look next to each other. Think about them in the big picture.

Another option is to use two completely different colors. For instance, if you use yellow dresses for the bridesmaids and a lavender dress for the flower girl, you can still have a coordinated look. As long as both are around the same brightness or lightness, you will have no problem. This is done easiest when using dark or pastel colors.

When trying to choose coordinating bridesmaid and flower girl dresses try to be creative. If you want matching dresses for a uniform look, then search for those. If you would rather try a coordinated look, simply play around with several different looks and colors until you get the look you are going for. After all, it is your wedding, so whatever you choose will be perfect!

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