2 Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

Lovely 2 Piece Bridesmaid Dresses

Brides today have so many options when it comes to choosing everything from their wedding cake to their gown. The days of the traditional wedding have changed with each bride added her own personal flair to the big event. Choosing the bridesmaid dresses is one of the biggest choice a bride faces however. The dresses set the color scheme and mood. One popular option is the 2 piece bridesmaid dresses. The 2 piece bridesmaid dresses are modern and sleek, offering todays bride a whole new look.

The Basic

The basic 2 piece bridesmaid dresses come simply as a skirt with a matching top that fits over the waistband. From the outside, they do not look like separate pieces. Some of the tops are strapless while others have sleeves. These dresses offer brides a variety of choices when it comes to her bridesmaid dress choice. If a bride likes a particular shaped skirt, but a different shaped top, she can mix and match to create her own look.

Most dress companies who offer 2 piece bridesmaid dresses, will offer several combination choices. Some brides allow their maids to choose whichever combination they want, as long as it is in their chosen color. This allows each maid to choose a dress that will flatter her specific figure and she can be comfortable during and after the wedding in her choice.

For a younger bride and bridal party, some are choosing 2 piece ensembles that show part of the maids tummies. These dresses are very trendy and can be lovely as long as they are done in a tasteful manner. It is suggested that before choosing this type of dress the bride talks with the maids to be sure they are fine with showing some skin. These particular styles of 2 piece bridesmaid dresses work wonderful for beach weddings or outdoor day events.

Another idea for a tropical wedding is to allow maids to wear fancy tanks with sarong skirt bottoms. This is great for a wedding on the sand. The bridal party will look the part, and stay comfortable at the same time. Going barefoot is ideal for this look to work. Accessorizing with coral jewelry is also a good addition.

The Pantsuit

The updated pantsuit is another 2 piece option. Pantsuits with flowing, skirt-like shapes are perfect for this look. Long pants work best, but some brides like their flowing pants to hit mid calf. Paired with a strapless top or a spaghetti strapped top, these pants can make bridesmaids look lovely, while allowing them to be very comfortable as well. This style works for a bride and her maids who may not be very girly or may be athletic.

The 2 piece bridesmaid dresses of today can range from conservative to trendy. They can offer full coverage, or a peek at the tummy area. No matter what the bride chooses however, bridesmaids should wear their dress or pantsuit without complaint. After all, it is the brides ultimate choice.

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