Flower Girl And Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

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You have been swept off your feet by your knight in shining armor and have decided to ride off on his white horse with him. The wedding plans are well underway and you have selected honored guests to stand as witnesses for you.

If you are like most brides today, you have elected to honor a younger sister, favorite niece, daughter, or soon-to-be step daughter by asking them to be a junior bridesmaid and or a flower girl, which means you now need flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses.

Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid Dresses

Most brides have an idea about how to dress their flower girl, however, when it comes to junior bridesmaids and their dresses, things are not always so clear. In fact, often the honor comes without much thought to the clothing. This is okay, except that your junior bridesmaid may not feel a part of the wedding without having a special dress to wear. In addition, she will be apart of the wedding photographs and as the bride you will want to make certain that the dress is appropriate in style and color.

Some brides opt to have a junior bridesmaid dress in the same style as the bridesmaids. While this is fine, it might not be appropriate as bridesmaid dresses are usually designed for a more mature woman. Perhaps you will want to consider a dress that is similar in color without the same elegance, cleavage, or backless-ness. Another option is to have the flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses match. Regardless of the choice, keep it simple, and remember there is no need to complicate the process by adding a whole different clothing line to the wedding party.

When selecting your flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses, keep in mind that it is not important to spend a lot of money. Many brides purchase their flower girl and junior bridesmaid dresses at a retailer such as Mervyns or J.C. Penney and some elect to shop at a discount store such as Walmart.

Hiring a seamstress is often surprisingly less expensive than buying a dress off the rack and additionally allows you more freedom of choice in color, fit, and fabric. Whatever you choose, keep in mind that these dresses are meant to make the flower girl and junior bridesmaid a true part of your wedding party and no one, outside of those funding the wedding, will know where you purchased these dresses.

The Role of the Flower Girl and Junior Bridesmaid

Now that you have your precious flower girl and junior bridesmaids, what do you do with them? You dont want to have three or four young people sitting around with nothing to do except look cute and carry a few flowers down the aisle.

Instead, keep the younger members of the bridal party busy and give them a sense of responsibility. The task should not be too difficult nor should come with too many expectations of perfection. Here are some ideas that you can use to busy the hands of your young, honored guests. Have them:

Hand out your wedding program
Give fans to the ladies
Take gifts or cards
Make sure everyone signs the wedding book
Check on Grandma and older guests to make sure they dont need anything
Keep people coming in or out a particular door routing traffic
Take coats or jackets

As you can see, the task can be simple and yet give the flower girl and junior bridesmaid an opportunity to honor you and show off their gorgeous dresses. Armed with these simple steps your honorees are certain to feel like they are an essential part of your wedding day.

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