Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

Picking Beach Wedding Bridesmaid Dresses

There is nothing more romantic than the sound of crashing waves, the warmth of the sun, and the smell of the fresh ocean air. So if you have decided on a summer wedding, why not have the ceremony on a beach?

When you tell your guests you are having a beach wedding, they will probably assume the entire affair will have a pretty casual feel. As the bride, you will need to decide early on if, indeed, you want to promote a relaxed, less formal vibe. Because when it comes time to shop for your gown and the beach wedding bridesmaid dresses, youll need to have a handle on the overall look you want to achieve.

The first step is to decide just how casual you want the whole event to be. Once youve made that decision and youve picked out your own gown, it is time to focus on your bridesmaids. When picking out their beach wedding dresses consider the following:

Fabric _ Color

If youve opted for full-on casual, stay away from the big bridal shops and high-end specialty stores. Instead, shop at stores that offer a wide array of summery dresses that are not considered to be wedding attire. Look for thin, breezy fabrics in light colors. You should assume it will be warm on the beach, especially in the morning or afternoon, and you want everyone to feel comfortable and not worry about sweating through their dress material. If you have an evening ceremony, make sure your beach wedding bridesmaid dresses include a wrap or a shawl to keep the nighttime chill at bay.


If the wedding is during the day, a knee-length bridesmaid dress is appropriate. This can be a halter dress, a strapless design, or a simple cap-sleeved sundress. On the other hand, if the event begins in the evening, you may choose to have your bridal party decked out in something a bit more formal like longer skirts with matching fitted jackets.

Accessories _ Make Up

In terms of colors, pastels are an obvious choice. However, you may decide you want an entirely white wedding party, which would look stunning against the blue ocean and sky. With white dresses, consider weaving flowers into your bridesmaids hair or perhaps using another accessory like colored sandals or necklaces that will enhance the outfit in an original, memorable way.

Depending on the footwear, your bridesmaids may want to splurge for a pedicure before the big day. Did you know that some brides encourage their wedding parties to go barefoot on the beach (and even kick off their shoes themselves)? If you plan to do that, a nice idea is to present your bridesmaids with gift certificates for a spa pedicure.

As for makeup, in warm weather it is never a good idea not to overdue it. Certainly, you do not want your party to be baking under the suns rays and have them worry about their carefully applied makeup melting away. Therefore, just a little amount of makeup is needed to compliment the right bridesmaid dress at a beach weddingbut do not forget the sunscreen!

Whatever you decide in terms of attire, a beach wedding is bound to be a beautiful event. The beach wedding bridesmaid dresses will certainly look amazing against natures backdrop of sun, sea, and sky.

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