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How To Maintain A Friendship: Avocado Green Tea Length Bridesmaid Dress

If you have been selected as a bridesmaid for a summer wedding, it is the job of the bride to decide what the bridesmaids will wear. A popular style is the tea length bridesmaid dress. Tea length bridesmaid dresses are not as short as cocktail dresses, but not as long as a formal dress. They are usually chosen for a casual or semi-formal wedding. They are also popular for spring and summer weddings as well. Thus it is the responsibility and rights of the bride to decide what color and style of tea length dress she wants the bridal party to wear.

Usually the bridesmaids who have been selected will pay for their own wedding attire. For example, if chosen, the bridesmaid will pay for her dress, shoes, and accessories, etc. However these will not be the only expenses the bridesmaid will have to pay. There are also the bridal shower gift, bachelorette party, and a wedding gift. This is just a small list of what is the responsibility of the bridesmaid to pay for.

However this can vary depending on the couple that is getting married. Some couples decide to purchase the dresses for the women they have chosen to be in their bridal party. The bridesmaid should consider her expenses before accepting to be in a wedding, especially if the wedding is located out of town. Then she will have to add the cost of travel as well. The cost of the tea length dress might be all you can afford.

As a bridesmaid you should do your best to support your friends as she prepares for her wedding day. There are many friendships that have ended with the bride choosing unsuitable or ugly bridesmaid dresses or the bride choosing a dress that the friend does not like, regardless of how pretty it is. Other reasons why a friendship might end over a wedding is that the bridesmaid might decide at the last minute that she is unable to be in the wedding party.

If this is because of emergency reasons, anyone would understand, but some bridesmaids might rather die than be seen in the avocado green tea length dress the bride has chosen. Instead of spoiling their friends wedding day, many women will decide to remain in the wedding and maintain the friendship. Afterwards, the avocado green tea length bridesmaid dress is donated to charity or given to a consignment store.

A bride will do well to keep in mind her friend’s preferences when selecting her dresses.

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