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Things to Consider When Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses

Gone are the days of prom dress style bridesmaid dresses with big puffy sleeves and yards of satin. Todays bridesmaid can have dresses that have style and can easily be used for other functions including a night out on the town. New designs include halter dresses, reversible silk dresses, draped neckline dresses, skirt sets and more. The colors of these bridesmaid dresses come in every hue imaginable. Brides can easily coordinate their bridesmaid dresses with their flowers and decorations on their special day.

Fabrics that are being used for bridesmaid dresses have changed from the stiff crinolines and satin to silk chiffon and silk shantung. These fabrics drape well and move easily with the person who is wearing them. They are also very comfortable and are versatile enough for winter weddings or a celebration in the Deep South during the month of August. Popular fabrics include satin faced organza, silk, chiffon, nylon tulle, lame, silk shantung and silk douppioni. These fabrics can be dyed in a variety of colors to match any color the bride wants.

A hemline for the bridesmaid dress depends on the formality of the occasion as well as what time the wedding is taking place. A wedding taking place in the afternoon on a summers day can have a higher hemline, usually just below the knee. You may opt for a more formal look for an evening wedding with calf length dresses or a formal gown that grazes the tops of your bridesmaids shoes. You can also choose fancy hemlines such as the handkerchief hem or flounced hem.

Halter dresses and sleeveless dresses are very popular for summer weddings but if the evenings are cool you can opt for a dress with a shrug or even choose a suit dress with three-quarter sleeves. Popular summer necklines and strapped tops are the sweetheart neckline, halter-top, spaghetti strap, bandeau top or strapless dress. The bodices of these dresses are just as varied with variations such as surplice bodice, ruched waist, empire waist or a sash to show off the waists of your bridesmaids.

If a bride would like a more formal celebration there are many beautiful bridesmaid dresses to choose from in muted hues for a very elegant statement. These dresses come in a variety of necklines as well including v-neck, boat neck, halter, u-neck and strapless. Bodices that feature a lot of beadwork are very fashionable though they are considerably more expensive than dresses that have no beadwork.

If you want a little bling on your bridesmaids dresses consider purchasing rhinestone clips or pins that can be fastened at the v in a neckline or at the side of the waistline. Bows fastened at the waistline are very popular as are waistlines that have ruching. If fittings are problematic for your bridesmaids consider purchasing two-piece outfits, ensuring a perfect fit for every one of your bridesmaids.

A final consideration for choosing bridesmaids dresses should be the bridesmaids themselves. Though it is your wedding you should realize the body limitations of the people in your wedding. If everyone is fit due to spending hours in the gym you will have a wider variety of styles to choose from. If everyone has a very different body type consider choosing the dresses in the same color but different styles by the same manufacturer.

Not every woman can show off her upper arms nor does everyone look stunning with a strapless dress. Take your bridesmaids shopping with you for this part of your celebration and you will have a group of women that are happy and comfortable on the day of your wedding.

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