Bridesmaid Dresses In Black

The Timeless Elegance of Black Bridesmaids Dresses

Choosing a bridesmaids dress in black gives you many options for a wedding theme. You can dress it up or down, create casual sophistication or stunning elegance with this classic color. A bridesmaids dress in black is like a blank slate, which can be enhanced with the addition of jewelry, make-up and other accessories.

Many brides assume that black is appropriate only for formal evening affairs. However, with todays relaxed standards, a bridesmaids dress in black can impart a casually chic element to your affair. There are many options to choose from to create just the look and feel that you want.

For outdoor weddings with a less formal air, a knee length cocktail dress in black may be an ideal choice. Breezy silks and chiffons will sit well with an outdoor theme. For evening affairs, heavier fabrics and longer lengths may be a more preferable alternative. For something in between, opt for longer lengths but lighter fabrics and enhance the look with appropriate accessories.

Black is such a dramatic color that it requires just the right blend of accoutrements to make it work. Sparkling jewels, bold colors and perhaps just an accent of color can strike just the right mix. Your hairstyle can also play off the design of the dress.

Be careful that your bridesmaids dress in black does not overshadow your jewelry of choice. Dark sapphires, rubies and stones with darker hues would tend to disappear into the backdrop. Diamonds and pearls always provide an elegant contrast to black. Bright gold jewelry is also an option. Also, the simpler the dress, the bolder and more intricate the jewelry should be to compensate.

Bright colors in the bridal bouquet can also enhance the dramatic look of a bridesmaids dress in black. Orchids, sophia roses and calla lilies all in shades of hot pink can make for a vibrant eye catching trio. Select flowers with body and bloom to add to the look of your bridesmaids dress in black. For a softer, more romantic feel, garden blooms such as hyacinth, hydrangea and lilacs can provide a delicate arrangement.

If you dont want to go all black, a few splashes of color can provide accent and verve. Hot pink, electric blue and sunflower yellow around the waist, neckline or on the trim of the dress can brighten up a bridesmaids dress in black. A splash of color can liven up an otherwise monochromatic look.

Hairstyle can also enhance the look and feel of the dress. An elegant chignon seeded with pearls is always the right choice to add a note of sophistication to an ensemble. For a softer, outdoorsy feel, loose waves ornamented with a jeweled headband is a good bet. For a fun and youthful look, try loose curls half up and half down. To add an element of romance, you can always thread fresh flowers through your hair.

A bridesmaids dress in black can provide a note of intensity and drama to your wedding. With the right enhancements, black is a striking choice for a bridesmaids gown.

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